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Internal Exhibition Label - 'Mad Tea Party' (an exhibition for children)

1. Castor Oil Spoon, probably by John Robins, English, 1820
Inv. 55063

2. Medicine Spoon, English?, 19th Century
Inv. 41326

3. Medicine Spoon, Supplied by R. Tompson, Elgin, Early 20th Century
Inv. 53069

4. Gibson Spoon, signed "GIBSON/INVENTOR", English, c.1835
Inv. 53603

All these spoons would have been used for giving medicines. Mr Gibson's special spoon was used by filling it through a flap in the top, then putting a finger over the end of the hollow handle. Once the spoon was in the person's mouth, the finger was taken off and the medicine would flow out.

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