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Inventory no. 37729 - Former Display Label

late 18th and 19th centuries

Some examples of bottles in which chemicals were stored. Three of these (two from the Hope Collection of which one is dated 1848; one from the Burchell Collection dated 1824) were used for biological specimens, but could just as easily hold chemicals. Also shown are:
Small, wide-rimmed, green glass bottle with cork; probably 18th century.
Wide-necked 18th century bottle, labelled: "S. ROOTSEY/CHEMIST &/DRUGGIST/NORTH STREET, BRISTOL", which contained 'spirit of wine' (ethanol).
Phial of green glass.
Phial of brown glass.
Two late 19th century green glass, stoppered, bottles probably for storing titrating solutions, labelled: "Chemical Laboratories/University Museum Oxford".
Square glass bottle, stopper missing

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