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John Whalley, Surveyor

The inscription on the reverse of John Whalley's portrait states that it shows him on his 21st birthday. He remained a surveyor in later life, appearing for example in The Wrexham Advertiser, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Shropshire, Cheshire & North Wales Register (Wrexham, Wales) in an advertisement for the sale of property on Saturday, July 27, 1867. A number of other similar examples can be found in the 19th Century British Newspapers database, for example on the front cover of the Cheshire Observer, Saturday, January 22, 1876.

The Cheshire Observer is also the source for a change of address. On the front page on Saturday, February 03, 1872 Whalley placed a:
Notice of Removal
Mr J. Whalley,
Land Agent, Surveyor, & Valuer,
Late of 116, Northgate-street, has Removed to
Northgate House, Northgate Street,

He appears in Woodchurch Parish papers from 1866-71 at the Cheshire and Chester Archives and Local Studies Service. Described as "John Whalley of Chester and Mollington, surveyor and estate agent" he corresponded concerning the rent and sale of Newton Farm with the Free Grammar School (P50/7/26-72: http://apps.nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=017-p50&cid=7-1-9#7-1-9)

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