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Inventory no. 54533 - Former Display Label

c. 1750

Gilt brass, with silvered brass hour-ring, and silver compass-dial. Signed, "G. F. Brander fecit August. Vind: 48° [i.e. Augsburg]"; undated.

With folding hour-ring, gnomon, latitude scale, and levelling plummet. There are two adjustable feet. In the compass there is an adjustable indicator to show the magnetic declination. Finely decorated with ornamental engraving.

This dial is of the type of equinoctial dial, sometimes known as 'Augsburg dial', which was very common in the eighteenth century.

Georg Friedrich Brander (1713-1783) was an important maker of many types of fine instruments. In 1775, his son-in-law Chr. Kaspar Hoeschel, became his partner and, after Brander's death, continued the business until 1820.

Billmeir Collection

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