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LARGE GROUP OF CRYSTAL MODELS, Czech, late 19th / early 20th century. There are a total of 121 hard plaster models, pre-WWI, all numbered (some with printed paper numbers, some with numbers written in pencil). These numbers correspond to the different forms sold by the Fric company of Prague, and we can provide photocopies of
corresponding Fric labels, with identification of all the minerals.
The numbers run from 1 to 250, but not consecutively (there are 121 total). All are about 2' (5 cm) long, some of simple forms, some complex twinned forms, etc. Condition is good, noting small edge chips and wear, and some soiling. It is a remarkably large grouping, all different.
Václav Fric (1839-1916) founded his natural history enterprise in Prague in 1862, and became a major supplier to museums and collectors worldwide. He sold every sort of zoological, paleontological, and geological specimen and model, including his good plaster models of the huge variety of crystalline forms. Fric's importance is discussed in a fine article by Reiling and Spunarová (J. Hist. Colls. 17).

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