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2013-4 June 4 Presented by the National Blood Service, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, per Dr. Colin G. Potter

'Betaplate' liquid scintillation counter by Wallac, Turku, Finland, second prototype representing the version introduced commercially in 1987, developed in 1985 by C. G. Potter & G. T. Warner at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, Oxford; together with related literature & associated cell harvester.
/1 The 'Betaplate' counter, with 3 sample-plates, 1987. 13496
/2 Instruction manual & commercial brochures etc., in ring binder, 1987-97.
/3 Group of related articles (offprints) by Potter et al., 1985 onwards.
/4 'Betaplate' cell harvester by Wallac, c.1987, used in preparing the samples for liquid scintillation counting. 13497

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