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Inventory no. 35777 - Former Display Label

Late 16th century

Gilt and silvered brass. Unsigned and undated; probably by the same maker as no. G. 403 (shown in this case), perhaps from a Habermel workshop.

1. A volvelle for converting equal hours to Italian hours; it is ornamented with an allegorical picture showing Peace disarming War.

2. A lunar volvelle and wind-rose.

3. A horizontal string-gnomon dial for latitudes 42°, 45°, 48°, 51°, and 54°; and a compass. The string-gnomon is held taut by a watch-spring in a barrel around which the 'string' is wound.

4. A circular table of the latitudes of 49 places.

5. A quadrant dial (plumb-line and bob missing) and a shadow-square, decorated with illustrations of instruments in use.

[G. 405]
Lewis Evans Collection.

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