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Inventory no. 52396 - Former Display Label


Gilt brass. Signed, "HOC OPVS FECIT ALEXIVS SCHNIEP DE MONACO [Munich]"; dated "ANNO ."
There is a latitude scale, 42° to 52°, under the plummet. The dial is adjusted to the latitude by tilting the dial plate until the point of the plummet lies above the appropriate dot indicating the latitude.

The shadow of a knot in the string-gnomon indicates the sun's declination on a scale within the hour-scale of the dial.

Attached to the compass, which can rotate, is a scale of degrees, enabling the compass to be adjusted for magnetic deviation.

On top of the cover is a table of the latitudes of 32 places.

On the bottom of the instrument is engraved a picture of a woman observing the stars, and holding an armillary sphere, and a pair of dividers; at her feet is a quadrant.

[G 394]
Lewis Evans Collection.

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