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Catalogue Entry 1989

[] Portraits by Robert Adamson and D. O. Hill, mid 1840s, in one of the commonplace books of John Lee of Hartwell House, Buckinghamshire. They were given to Lee in 1851 by Sir David Brewster, Hill and Adamson's scientific mentor. The portrait of Brewster may be by Adamson before his association with Hill (hence c.1843), or by another of their circle. The others are by Hill and Adamson of John Fleming, and of John Robertson and Hugh Miller (the captions written beneath are the wrong way round). Lee's commonplace books also include an anonymous calotype of Holyrood House, Edinburgh, and several photogenic drawings [that by Dollond shown in case 2].

[From the exhibition booklet Photography 150: Images from the First Generation (Oxford: Museum of the History of Science, 1989)]

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