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Introductory Texts to British Algae

[The following is a transcription of the handwritten, photographed title page, dedication, introductory text, and contents list that form the first four leaves of the pamphlet]

[title page]
Photographs | of | British Algae. | Cyanotype Impressions.

To | my dearest Father | this attempt | is affectionately inscribed.

The difficulty of making accurate drawings of objects so minute as many of the Algae and Confervae, has induced me to avail myself of Sir John Herschel's beautiful process of Cyanotype, to obtain impressions of the plants themselves, which I have much pleasure in offering to my botanical friends.
I hope that in general the impressions will be found sharp and well defined, but in some instances (such as the Fuci) the thickness of the specimens renders it impossible to press the glass used in taking Photographs sufficiently close to them to ensure a perfect representation of every part. being however unwilling to omit any species to which I had access, I have preferred giving such impressions as I could obtain of these thicker objects, to their entire omission. I take this opportunity of returning my thanks to the friends who have allowed me to use their collections of Algae on this occasion.
The names refer to Harvey's "Manual of British Algae". I have taken the Tribes and Species in their proper order when I was able to do so, but in many cases I have been compelled to make long gaps, from the want of the plants that should have been next inserted, and in this first number I have intentionally departed from the systematic arrangement, that I might give specimens of very various characters as a sample.

Part 1. | Contents. | Sargassum bacciferum. | Cystoseira ericoides. | - - - - - - - granulata. | - - - - - - - - foeniculacea. | Himanthalia lorea. | Laminaria saccharina. | Polysiphonia violacea. | Bangia fusco-purpurea.

[captions of plates: Note that the intrinsic handwritten captions of the eight illustrated leaves conform to the preceding contents list except for the final one, which is spelled differently: 'Bangia fusco-pupurea']

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