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Inventory no. 42688 - Former Display Label

English BOX SEXTANT, which belonged to I. K. Brunel

Unsigned, but probably specially made for Brunel by Troughton & Simms of London, because this firm was the most skilled in circle dividing. Inscribed on top of lid: "I.K.B. N°. 10". Radius of scale 61 mm (23/8 ins); diameter of case 100 mm; overall height with lid in place 67 mm.

Scale, divided on gold, 0°-155° and 220°-75°, by 20'. Vernier 0'-20' and 20'-0', by 30'. A lens views the scale. The instrument appears to be made of German silver, which is a brass alloy.

[33.8] {amended to read 33.35}
Mallock Gift

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