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Inventory no. 50854 - Former Display Label


Ivory, gilt brass, silver, etc., Signed, "H {??} D" [=Hans Ducher, Nuremberg]; n dated, ".1.5. .95.".

Includes: 1. Wind-rose and compass viewing-hole, inscribed, "HIC MARINVS COMPASSVS SEMITAM TERRA MARIQVE OSTENDIT", and "DER SPÖDTER SOL NICHTS VER ACHTEN DEN ER KANS BESSER MACHTEN"; 2. Vertical pin-gnomon dial, showing the Sun's declination, and the length of the day, with instructions for using the instrument; 3. Horizontal string-gnomon dial adjustable for latitudes 39°, 42°, 45°, 48°, 51°, 54° & 57°, and compass; 4. Lunar volvelle.

The names of the cardinal points of the compass are engraved around the edge of the lower leaf, to which is attached the original silver suspension chain.

[G. 206]
Lewis Evans Collection.

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