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Inventory no. 53476 - Former Display Label

mid-17th century

Four wooden solids: cube, 58 mm; dodecahedron, 59 mm; 20-sided figure, 58 mm; and cone, 94 mm high by 72 mm base diameter. The cone dismantles into four pieces (held together by central brass pins) to demonstrate the parabola, hyperbola, and ellipse.

These models belong to the University of Oxford's Savilian Collection of instruments, housed for many years in the Schools Tower of the Bodleian Library, the upper room of which was used by the Savilian Professors of Astronomy and Geometry for practical observation and teaching. The models were used to teach the Elements of Euclid. They may have belonged originally to John Greaves (1602-1652), Professor of Astronomy 1643-8.

Transferred from the University Observatory

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