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Inventory no. 37530 - Former Display Label

Indo-Persian (Mughal) ASTROLABE

Signed, below the shadow-square, 'The work of the weakest of the servants Muhammad Muqim ibn Mulla `Isa ibn Shaikh Alhdad, Humayun's astrolabist of Lahore'; not dated. Brass. Diam.: 130 mm.

Rete for c.42 fixed stars. 5 plates, for latitudes 22°, 25°; 27°, 32°; 36°, a composite tablet for 18° and 30°; 40°, a composite tablet for 45°, 72°, and 90°; and a tablet of horizons of eastern type and a tablet of ecliptical co-ordinates. The mater is engraved as a gazetteer of the longitude and latitude of 77 places. On the back are scales of degrees; cotangent scales; a sine quadrant; the arcs of the signs with a graph showing the relation between the sun's right ascension and meridian altitude for latitude 27°, and graphs of the beginning and end of asr (used for determining the time of Muslim prayer); a shadow-square within which are a table of triplicities and a table of the differences between true and nominal years; and an astrological table of the signs of the zodiac, the terms and faces of the planets, and the mansions of the moon. The alidade and horse are missing; a wing-nut replaces the horse.

Formerly in the Henri Michel Collection, Brussels.

[IC 1013; 57-84/3; B-M: MHMD MQIM ISA 19]
J.A. Billmeir Collection

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