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Inventory no. 43454 - Former Display Label


Not signed or dated. Gilt brass. Diam.: 84 mm.

Rete for 12 stars. 2 plates (? one missing), for latitudes 51°34', 53°; 54°, and 55°, engraved with the 12 astrological houses, as well as the usual almucantars, azimuths, and unequal-hour lines. On the back there are scales of degrees, and a zodiac/calendar scale (0°Aries = 111/2 March; eccentric type), within which are a shadow-square and a diagram of unequal and equal hours; the centre of the horary diagram has a pictorial representation of the sun. The original pin and wedge are missing.

A later inscription around part of the rim reads: "1659. Acad. Oxon. Ex dono Nic Greaves. S.T.D.", i.e. '1659. University of Oxford - the gift of Nicholas Greaves, doctor of theology'. Nicholas Greaves was the brother of John Greaves (1602-1652), Savilian Professor of Astronomy in this University (see the label to no. 38).

Formerly in the Robert T. Gunther Collection.

[IC; 71-14]
Presented by A. E. Gunther, Esq.

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