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Inventory no. 39540 - Former Display Label

French late Gothic ASTROLABE

Not signed or dated, but attributable to the workshop of Jean Fusoris (see astrolabes nos. 14 and 16). Brass. Diam.: 102 mm.

Rete for 21 stars, all named. 5 plates, for latitudes 40°, 43°, 45°, 47°, 51°, 53° and 56°; one plate is engraved on one side for the latitude of Paris and on the other as a tablet of horizons, with a declination scale. The back is engraved with scales of degrees, a zodiac/calendar scale (0° Aries = 111/2 March; eccentric type), a shadow-square and an unequal-hour diagram. One arm of the alidade is graduated as an horary alidade with a scale of unequal hours.

[IC 192]
Lewis Evans Collection

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