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Inventory no. 50769 - Former Display Label

9 Gothic (Quatrefoil type) ASTROLABE c. 1450

Not signed or dated, Brass. Diam.: 270 mm

Rete for 21 stars, but the stars are not named. The pattern of the tracery of the rete includes four quatre-
foils and the star-pointers derive from the 'wavy flame' type. 2 plates, for lattitudes 36°, 41°; 45° and 49°,
engraved with azimuths as well as almucantars, and with lines of unequalhours; a third plate may be
missing. On the back are zodiac/calendar scale (0° Aries= 11 March; eccentric type), a diagram of un-
equal hours, a shadow-square, and a scale of degrees. On the zodiac/calendar scale, the month May, is
written 'MADIVS'. The alidade is plain and the sight-vanes are hinged; there is a rule over the rete.

Formerly in the Henri Michel Collection, Brussels.

[57-84/16 J.A. Billmeir Collection

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