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Inventory no. 37878 - Former Display Label

Early Gothic (Hispano-Moorish type) ASTROLABE

Not signed or dated. Brass. 27 stars. 7 plates (latitudes 38°, 41° (Caesar Augusta = Zaragosa), 42°, 45°, 46°, 47°, 48°, 49°, 50°, 57°, 58° and of a later date for Paris). 0° Aries = 14 March.

Many alterations and additions have been engraved on this instrument, especially on the rete which has had all the earlier markings removed and has been entirely re-engraved. These changes are not, however, very much later in date than the instrument itself, and are of a less bold, but more elegant character. The design of the rete is similar to that on andalûsi astrolabes and it is probable that the instrument was made in Spain, as suggested by the plates for Zaragosa and other southern latitudes. The plates for Paris are contemporary with the re-engraving of the instrument, and would have been made for a later owner who lived in or near Paris.

The back is engraved with a zodiac/calendar scale (0° Aries = 14 March), a shadow-square and an unequal hour diagram.

From the Roussel Collection.

[IC 191]
Lewis Evans Collection

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