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Inv. 11523 - additional notes on Leadbetter

Additional notes relating to the Leadbetter print

There is an advertisement at the end of Charles Leadbetter, Uranoscopia: or, the contemplation of the heavens (London, 1735) for books etc by Leadbetter that were printed and sold by J. Wilcox at Virgil's Head against the New Church in the Strand:

1. System of the Planets
2. A Compleat System of Astronomy
3. Astronomy of the Satellites
4. Treatise of Eclipses for 35 years
5. Uranoscopia
6. Description of Gunter's Quadrant
"7. His Sheet of the true Appearances of Jupiter's Satellites, during his Visibility in the Evening, Pr. 1s. 6d.
"8. His Sheet of the true Appearances of Saturn's Satellites, with the Position of his Ring, Pr. 1s."

The single manuscript Leadbetter item in the Museum's collection is a letter to an amateur astronomer. Therefore note the advertisement in Leadbetter’s Astronomy; or, the true system of the planets demonstrated (London, 1727), which was repeated after the contents page of Uranoscopia (1735):

"All Persons that write to him out of the County about their own Business, are desir'd to pay the Postage of their Letters, otherwise they may expect no Answer"

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