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Inventory no. 11350, 11352 and 11356 - Former Display Label


Intended to look like a miniature opera glass, the so-called
'jealousy glass' is not actually a telescope at all; it has
a small oval mirror set at 45ยบ in the tube, and a hole in
the slide. Hence while appearing to be watching the opera
you are in fact 'eyeing' the pretty girl sitting next to
you; or perhaps, in view of the name, she is 'keeping an
eye' on you. The three examples shown are unsigned, and
probably of late 18th century and 19th century date. In
one, the dummy object lens is also a mirror, and hence can be
used from either end.

[C548] Clay Collection; [35-nk] Presented by Miss A. H. B.
D'Arcy; [Red 7]

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