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Inventory no. 54193 - Former Display Label

1115 A.H. =1703/4 A.D.

Signed, on the back near the lower edge, 'Made by `Abd al-A'imma'; around the rim is the inscription, 'In accordance with the command of the servants of the pillars of high birth, and the courtier of the Khâqân, Rustam Khân Dunbalî the son of `Alî Khân who is called the son of Badâf Khân Beylerbey of the whole of Azerbaijan, this thing was completed in 1115'. Inscribed on the kursî, 'O Thou, true to promise'. Brass.

`Ankabût for 27 stars. 5 plates, for latitudes: 29°, tablet of horizons; 32°, 38°; 33°, 34°; 35°, 40°, 36° & 37°. In the umm is engraved a circular table of the longitude, latitude and inhrâf of 34 places. The `ilâqa is modern.

On the back are engraved a sexagesimal sine/cosine graph, the arcs of the signs of the zodiac with graphs of the meridian altitude of the sun in latitudes 28°, 30°, 32°, 34°, 36°, 38° & 40° and of the azimuth of the Qibla for Shirâz, Baghdad, Isfahân and oûs, a shadow-square (within which is an astrological table of triplicities), cotangent scales, and an astrological table of the terms and limits of the planets. The alidade is engraved with a solar declination scale corresponding to the arcs of the signs of the zodiac, a declination scale marked in degrees, and a scale of unequal hours.

[IC 36; Mayer, {ain}Abd al-Aimma the Y. XII]
Lewis Evans Collection

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