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Inv. 88084 - patents of Frank W. Davenport

Information in emails of early 2006 from Ann Poulos, Reference Department, Providence Public Library:

The Providence City directory for 1894 includes a Frank W.
Davenport, occupation listed as designer.

The following patents are recorded from him:
322,526 Book finishing machine 7/21/1885
351,366 Draftsman’s Section Ruler 10/26/1886
298,834 Draftsman’s Adjustable Curve Ruler 5/20/1884
362,724 Outline Transfer Tool 5/10/1887
388,841 Outline Transfer Tool 9/4/1888
504,866 Electric Light Fixture 9/12/1893
465,521 Ruling Pen Cleaner 12/22/1891

Noet that the drawing curve patent was witnessed by L.B. Davenport. From http://members.tripod.com/~Davenport_Genealogy/DavGen/d0/i0000252.htm it would seem that this was Frank's sister.

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