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Former Display Label - English Electrostatic Cabinet c. 1830

c. 1830

These cabinets began to appear in the 1770s. The extensive one shown here was first produced by G. Adams in c. 1783. his stock was bought up by W. and S. Jones in 1799. These kits contained primarily demonstration apparatus based on electrical experiments performed during the first 70 years of the 18th century, especially after 1740. The apparatus itself became very traditional, and much of it, looking almost identical, was still sold in the early 20th century. With one exception all items are unsigned.

[62-6/2]* [ST 28]

[* paper label stuck over this reading [63-22] ]

1 Mahogany cupboard with fake drawer, containing plate electrical machine and accessories (nos. 2 - 13).
Signed on label: "W. & S. JONES Philosophical, Mathematical, and Optical Instrument Makers, At the Archimedes, No.
30 Lower Holborn, London. (Nearly opposite Furnival's Inn.)"

2 Plate electrical machine
Cuthbertson pattern

3 Henley quadrant electrometer

4 Small Leyden jar

5 Leyden jar

6 Diamond-spotted jar

7 Medical Leyden jar

8 Aurora tube on stand

9 Aurora flask

10 Electric egg stand

11 Jointed discharger or discharging tong

12 Luminous spiral discharge tube

The following accessories were stored in deal partitioned box with label signed as above.

13 Simple electrophorus

14 Henley universal discharger and press

15 Powder house and Thunder house combined

16 Lightning house

17 Tin fire house

18 Electric obelisk

19 Electric pistol

20 Wire dancing

21 Fulminating panes and boards

22 Electric triangles

23 Electric swing
SIgned: "PALMER Newgate St. LONDON"

24 Manuals on how to perform experiments with the apparatus from this cabinet

25 Miscellaneous items: pith-balls, iron shavings, gunpowder, powdered resin, etc.

26 Electric bells (or chimes)

27 Electric syphon

28 Insulating stool

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