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Internal Exhibition Label - 'Spectacles: Function & Fashion' - Opticians


Opticians nowadays are closely associated with spectacles. In the past, opticians made and sold a wider range of visual devices, from telescopes to microscopes. Spectacles are displayed here with some of the other optical instruments from the optician's repertoire.

[Inv. 48522, 23525, 98616, 11343, 23114, 11363, 20277, 43367, 11351, 16423, 56966, 94944, 11340, 47944, 82020, 14288, 76394]

The 18th-century firm of Dollond remains on the modern high street as "Dollond & Aitchison". This trade card records Peter Dollond's shop sign as "the Golden Spectacles and Sea Quadrant" and also illustrates other optical instruments such as a reflecting telescope, a microscope and prism.

[Dollond trade card]

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