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Catalogue Entry 1989

[] Salted paper prints by Robert Adamson and D. O. Hill, mid 1840s.

Study, sometimes known as 'The Artist and the Gravedigger', of the Dennistoun monument in Greyfriars' Churchyard, Edinburgh, with posed figures including (on the left) D. O. Hill;

portrait of James Miller and his son Samuel;

portrait of an unknown man;

group portrait of young Scottish clergymen, consisting of (from left) Alexander Campbell Fraser, James Walker, Robert Taylor, John G. Murray, John Nelson, and William Welsh.

The Hill and Adamson partnership was active from the middle of 1841 until the end of 1847. Adamson was the photographer, and Hill, a painter, provided the 'artistic direction'. Their work was highly acclaimed, and frequently compared to the paintings and etchings of Rembrandt.

[From the exhibition booklet Photography 150: Images from the First Generation (Oxford: Museum of the History of Science, 1989)]

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