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Exhibition Label 2005

SALTED PAPER PRINT (CALOTYPE) by D. O. Hill and Robert Adamson, about 1845 - group of six young Scottish clergymen, photographed as part of Hill's project to compile, using calotypes as sketches, a huge group portrait of the 'Disruption' of 1843, in which hundreds of clergy and elders seceded from the established church to form the Free Church of Scotland; the subjects are (from left) Alexander Campbell Fraser (later a very distinguished philosopher), James Walker, Robert Taylor, John G. Murray, John Nelson, and William Welsh, all cleverly posed so as to appear engrossed in debate; note how the positioning of the hands in particular contributes to animate the picture

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Inventory No. 94956, "Photograph (Salted Paper Print) of Six Young Scottish Clergymen, by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, c.1845" [1949-2/1], Adamson, Robert, Hill, David Octavius