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Catalogue Entry 1989

[] Views of the Botanic Garden, Oxford, by W. H. Fox Talbot, July 30, 1842, showing mainly the buildings and conservatories, and one showing Magdalen College tower beyond. Talbot made a number of photographic excursions to Oxford, and visited his scientific friend Charles Daubeny, Professor of Chemistry and Botany, who was in charge of the Botanic Garden. Daubeny had introduced Talbot's photogenic drawing process into Oxford in 1839; these two examples of his refined invention, the calotype, were specially made for Daubeny to use as specimens in his chemistry lectures, alongside two early daguerreotypes [shown in case 1]. Their frames are original (one has been removed for conservation purposes), and the labels on the backing boards are in Talbot's handwriting.

[From the exhibition booklet Photography 150: Images from the First Generation (Oxford: Museum of the History of Science, 1989)]

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