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Inventory no. 37525 - Former Display Label


Gilt and silvered brass. Signed, "IO.MAR MANCiNUS.F."; undated.

On one of the moveable arms are scales for, 'VMBRA VERSA', 'VMB[RA] MED[IA]' and 'VMBRA.RECTA', and on the other a scale of degrees 'AD SOLIS ET STELLARVM ELEVATIONES'. One side of the central arm is engraved with a scale of 'PALMO ROMANO', the other with scales inscribed, '[? B]occh de Pezzi' and 'Mezo Piede Venetiano'.

In the handle is set a compass (needle missing). Six points of the compass-rose are marked with the initials of the Italian names of the winds associated with the points of the compass; the other two points, North and East, are marked by an arrow and a cross respectively. On the back of the handle is engraved a picture of Christ on Calvary.

From the Michel Collection.

Billmeir Collection no. 126

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