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Inventory no. 44942 - Former Display Label


Wood, with scales and inscriptions drawn in ink and watercolour, and varnished; the articulated arm, parts of the sights and the cover of the compartment in the top for the lead plumb-bob are of ivory with decorative engraving coloured red. Inscribed, "Josep. Toaldus Prof. Astronomiæ Patauino Atheneo [i.e. of the University of Padua] 1760", below a coat-of-arms (a Maltese cross between three estoiles) with the motto, "Per rectam semper et ubique uiam".

On one side is a Regiomontanus dial ("Horologium Uniuersale Rectilineum") with the motto, "Nostrum non est supremam horam signare". On the other side is an altitude dial ("Horologium Rectilineum Particulare"). "Ad Latitud. g. 45" with the motto, "Vulnerant omnes ultima necat". A cursor and its plumb-line and bob from the Zodiac declination scale is missing. Around the edge are the names of seventeen places with their latitudes. On the slip-in case is a vellum label which reads, "Doppio Oriuolo a Sole Rettilineo Uniuersale per tutte le latitudini. Rettilineo Particolare per la Latite. di 45°".

Giuseppe Toaldo was the author of Metodo facile per descrirere gli orologi solari ... , Venice, 1790.

At one time in the Michel Collection.

Billmeir Collection

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