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Bertram Rogers's Note

This photograph was taken by C.L.Dodgson in June 1863 [corrected in pencil to 1862].
It is intended to represent Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamond, the former offering Rosamond the choice between a dagger or a cup of poison.
The persons taking part are;
Queen Eleanor Annie M.A.H.Rogers,
aged 7 years and four moths. [corrected in ink to months]
Fair Rosamond Mary Jackson.
aged 9 years.

Presented by Bertram M.H.Rogers, M.D. December 1937.

Annie Rogers was the daughter of Prof. Thorold Rogers and Mary Jackson the daughter of Dr. Jackson, a medical practitioner living in Holywell
[signed in ink] Bertram Rogers. | Dec. 1937.

[Typescript note by the donor pasted inside the folder facing the photograph]

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