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Inventory no. 70405 - Former Display Label


Ivory and gilt brass. Signed, "PAVLVS REINMAN NORIMBERGÆ FACI"; with the maker's mark, {crown symbol}; dated, "1599".

Includes: 1. Combined solar & lunar universal equinoctial dial (gnomon missing), lunar volvelle and wind-rose (the 32 points numbered from the East), an alphabetical list of latitudes, and a small circular-hole for viewing the compass-needle when the upper-leaf is closed; 2. Vertical string-gnomon dial, vertical pin-gnomon dial for Babylonian hours, showing also the declination of the Sun, and the southern part of the equinoctial dial; 3. Horizontal string-gnomon dial, horizontal pin-gnomon dial for Italian and Babylonian hours, and compass; 4. Alphabetical list of latitudes. On one side of the lower leaf is a table of Julian and Gregorian epacts from the year 1600, and on the other a latitude scale for the equinoctial dial and a hole serving as a container for its gnomon.

The instrument is decorated with fine ornamental engraving.

[G. 230]
Lewis Evans Collection.

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