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Inventory no. 65544 - Former Display Label


Ivory, gilt brass, etc. Signed, "hans ducher zu nurnberg", with his mark, {serpent}; dated, ".1.5. .78.".

Includes: 1. Combined universal equinoctial dial (gnomon missing), lunar volvelle and wind-rose; 2. Southern part of the equinoctial dial, vertical pin-gnomon dial for Italian hours, and vertical string-gnomon dial; 3. Horizontal string-gnomon dial, and horizontal pin-gnomon dial for Italian hours, showing the Sun's declination; 4. Table of latitudes.

Inscribed, on top of the upper leaf: "ich kampast genandt weis den wehg durch alleland bei tag und nacht wen man nicht brauchen mah g" and,
"wen ich kampast recht sol weisen
so richt mich nicht naher bei eissen
der spoter sol nichts verachten
den er kins besser machten"
and under the upper leaf:
"wen gott wil so ist das recht zil"

[G. 203]
Lewis Evans Collection.

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