98. Kodak Retina I (Type 010) Camera, 1946

Signed: 'KODAK', and 'Retina' impressed in the leather at back; serial no. 214771.

Compact, folding, self-erecting 35 mm camera with Compur Rapid shutter with speeds 1-500 sec., and f3.5 Schneider-Kreyznach coated lens of 50 mm focal length. This was the first post-war Retina, intended only for the occupying forces and export. Based on the pre-war (1939) Type 149, and was manufactured only in 1946 at Kodak AG's Stuttgart factory. The Kodak Retina and Retinette cameras made up the main group of Kodak 35 mm cameras from the mid-thirties to mid-seventies.

Length 35 mm, width 130 mm, height 70 mm.
Inventory no. 66,950.