93. Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak, c. 1922

Lens panel inscribed with intertwined 'ECK' trademark; plaque on back signed: 'MADE IN U.S.A. BY EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, ROCHESTER, N.Y., U.S.A. 14406'; serial number 1,217,895 on pivoted foot supporting front of camera.

Folding tapered-bellows camera with lazy-tongs struts; taking VKP-size negatives 14 x 22 inches (41 x 63 mm) on 127 film, f10 rapid rectilinear lens of 84 mm focal length, with between-lens three-leaf 'Kodak ball bearing' sector shutter with speeds 1/25 and 1/50 sec. There is a small reflecting finder on top of lens panel and an autographic back. Approximately 1,750,000 Vest Pocket Kodaks were made between 1912 and 1926, and was so popular in World War I that it was advertised as 'The Soldier's Camera'. Examples of negative and positives taken by this camera are on show (Item 131). The autographic back was added from around serial number 200,000.

Height 65 mm, width 120 mm, length 30 mm (folded).
Inventory 68,282.