91. Butcher's Watch Pocket square carbine, c. 1914

Signed: 'WATCH "CARBINE" POCKET', serial number c. 38270, and also 594 stamped at top inner flange of body.

Small folding camera with tapered bellows taking pictures 23 inches (57 mm) square, with a f7.7 aldis uno anastigmat lens of 76 mm focal length, iris aperture and 'LUKOS II' rotary sector shutter with speeds 1/25-1/100 sec. W. Butcher & Son Ltd marketed a range of Carbine roll film cameras inspired by the No. 3 Folding Pocket Kodak, followed by their Watch Pocket series, still produced after their merger with Houghton's in the twenties.

Height 70 mm, width 125 mm, length 25 mm (folded).
Inventory no. 94,915.