86. 'Presto' Pocket Camera, c. 1899

Inscribed on top of case: 'The Presto Camera, FILM OR GLASS PLATES, PATENTS PENDING.' and on film transporter dial: 'E. B. KOOPMAN, NEW YORK, SOLE MFR. MADE IN U.S.A. HERMAN CASLER INVENTOR'.

All-metal American miniature camera, sold briefly in England at turn of century. Simple meniscus lens with wheel stop in front of lens and single speed gravity shutter. Rollfilm on special spool, giving 25 pictures each 32 mm square, which could be changed for a holder with four glass plates. For snapshots the shutter is cocked by turning camera upside down, but for time exposures it is cocked with camera on its side. There is no viewfinder.

Length 58 mm, width 83 mm, depth 35 mm.
Inventory no. 70,121.