85. 'Kombi' Combined Camera and Graphoscope, c. 1895

Inscribed on front: 'A COMBINED CAMERA AND GRAPHOSCOPE The Kombi TRADEMARK' and on removable disc on back: PATENTED IN THE ENTIRE WORLD U.S. PATENT DEC.20.92. OTHERS PENDING ALFRED C. KEMPER'. Its carrying box is numbered 12301.

This is the first miniature (detective) camera to take rollfilm especially made for it by Eastman Kodak Co. It took 25 circular exposures 38 mm in diameter. It has a non-achromatic meniscus f9 lens (missing), with simple sector shutter, and no viewfinder. The camera was turned into a viewer (or 'graphoscope') by removing a disc of the back. The negatives printed as positives on a roll of film could then be placed in the camera and viewed through the lens. First shown at the Columbian Exposition of 1893.

Length 51 mm, width 41 mm, height 41 mm.
Inventory no. 81,098.