84. Stirn Waistcoat Camera, c. 1890

Stamped on case in rectangular frame: 'DUBRONI PARIS No 277', and in small oval frame; 'LE PHOTO-ECLAIR-FETTER 277 BTE S.G.D.G. 277 PARIS', and same stamp on other side, and on the photographic plates retainer inside the case. This pad is also numbered 11; other parts are numbered 29.

Similar to the previous camera, with fixed f8 aperture rapid rectilinear (aplanat) lens of 40 mm focal length mounted in front of rotating shutter which is cocked by pulling out the knob at the base. It takes five 38 mm square glass plates which are changed by turning the back of the camera, marked from 1 to 5.

Diameter 150 mm, width 23 mm.
Inventory no. 88,966.