83. Stirn Waistcoat Camera, c. 1890

Inscribed on front 'Patentees Agents J. Robinson & Sons 172 Regent St., London & Dublin.', and on back 'C. P.', and on back set in a large 'S': 'C. P. STIRN's PHOTOGRAPHISCHE CAMERA N0 388391'. Black-paper (mock leather) covered wooden box imprinted: 'THE SECRET CAMERA (STIRN'S PATENT) ROBINSON & SONS, PHOTOGRAPHIC APPARATUS MANUFACTURERS, 172, REGENT STREET, LONDON, W. AND DUBLIN.'

Circular all-metal nickel-plated camera with fixed aperture f10 rapid rectilinear (aplanat) lens of 40 mm focal length, rotary shutter which is cocked automatically when the film plate is advanced by means of the central knob, and released by pulling a small knob near the hinge. The camera takes six round pictures each 40 mm in diameter on a single circular glass plate. The camera was intended to be worn beneath a waistcoat with the lens, disguised as a button, protruding through a buttonhole.

Diameter 148 mm, width 20 mm.
Inventory no. 66,204.