53. No. 1 Kodak Panoram, c. 1901

Signed: 'No. 1 PANORAM-KODAK PAT. SEPT. 25 1894. OTHER PATS. APPLIED FOR. MADE BY EASTMAN KODAK CO. ROCHESTER N.Y. U.S.A.' Also a small circular ivory plaque: 'WILL. R. ROSE KODAK DEPOT CHESTER'. Stamped on box inside: '634', and on hinged lens cover: '3849'.

Kodak cornered the market until the 1930s with their panoramic cameras. It came in several sizes. The No. 1 was for their roll film size 105 giving 57 x 178 mm exposures, by means of a swivelling f13 meniscus lens of 90 mm focal length which takes a 112 degrees panoramic view. The shutter consists of a swinging lens tube with focal plane slot.

Length 110 mm, width 188 mm, height 87 mm.
Inventory no. 84,385.