50. 'Puck' Stereoscopic Box Camera, c. 1935

Signed: 'Stereo Puck'

Simple box camera taking eight pairs of photographs each 40 x 55 mm on 120 film made by Thornton-Pickard. Simple meniscus lenses and single speed shutter.

Once more in the early fifties there was a brief resurgence of interest in stereoscopic photography. A number of stereoscopic cameras were marketed in the 35 mm format of which the 'Stereo-Realist' was one of the more popular. In the early eighties there was another attempt with the Nimslo camera, but this could not compete against the novelty of the video camera that was to appear in ever larger quantities.

Length 135, width 155, height 80 mm.
Inventory no. 77,507.