47. Binocular Stereoscopic Camera with Plate Magazine, c. 1905

Signed on wooden back: 'HOMÉOSCOPE BTE SGDG'.

The 'Homéoscope' is one of a range of stereoscopic cameras marketed by Jules Richard of Paris. This model takes twelve pairs of exposures on separate plates, each 55 x 65 mm, stored in the magazine rack which is an integral part of the camera body. There are a pair of f14 fixed focus doublet meniscus lenses of 75 mm focal length, guillotine shutters, an integral rectilinear viewfinder at top of body and folding frame viewfinder on left-hand side. This camera is similar to Richard's 'Vérascope' (1894). He also introduced the cheaper 'Glyphoscope' (1905), and the 'Homéos' (1914) for 35 mm film.

Length 145 mm, width 160 mm, height 80 mm.
Inventory no. 87,652.