44. Sliding Box Binocular Stereoscopic Camera, c. 1865

Signed on ivory plaque: 'W. W. Rouch MANUFACTURER, 180 STRAND London'.

Sliding box camera for two instantaneous exposures of 90 x 110 mm one one glass plate (full plate size 180 x 110 mm). The camera is focused by means of a worm-screw movement operated by a small brass handle at the back of the camera. Two single landscape lenses by Ross of 100 mm focal lengths. There is no shutter, but this probably consisted of a hinged flap attached to each lens, opened simultaneously by a connecting bar. Some of the Ross binocular stereo lenses were focused simultaneously by means of a single rack-and-pinion, but these lenses slide in freely in their outer tubes.

Length 210 mm, width 230 mm, height 170 mm.
Inventory no. 97,001