43. Sliding Box Monocular Stereoscopic Camera, c. 1862


Conventional sliding box camera of the type manufactured by Dallmeyer but with large lens panel whose sideways movement allows two successive exposures to be taken, one for each half of the plate, the frames of these (60 x 95 mm) are marked in pencil on the ground glass screen. The lens (not the original) is a f7.5 Dallmeyer triplet achromatic lens of 300 mm focal lenth (engraved on barrel: 'TRIPLE ACHROMATIC LENS. J. H. Dallmeyer. LONDON N1 14120', and 'SOLD BY W. MORLEY, 70 UPPER ST N. 10461').

Length 255 mm, width 25 mm, height 190 mm.
Inventory nos. 73,353 and 93,240.