42. Sliding Box Monocular Camera, c. 1862

Signed on ivory plaque: 'J. H. DALLMEYER, OPTICIAN London.', body stamped '279'.

Typical sliding box camera but of larger format (plate size 180 x 110 mm) so that it can be used for stereoscopic photography as well. J. H. Dallmeyer found his famous firm in 1860 and became especially known for an early triple achromatic lens. Camera can me modified for stereoscopic work. The lens is a f8 Dallmeyer rapid rectilinear of 300 mm focal length (engraved on barrel: 'J. H. Dallmeyer. N1 49162. 10 x 8. LONDON. Rapid Rectilinear PATENT.')

Length 230 mm, width 245 mm, height 170 mm.
Inventory no. 66,963 and 92,932.