41. Rolleicord Twin-Lens Reflex Camera, Model V, c. 1954

Signed: 'Rolleicord', no. 1504707.

The first of the modern twin-lens reflex cameras was the Rolleiflex introduced by Francke & Heidecke in 1928. In 1933 they launched a cheaper version, the Rolleicord with a reduced range of speeds and smaller aperture lenses. It was based on the 127 rollfilm, and takes twelve exposures each 60 mm square, but plates and 35 mm film can also be used. Taking lens is a Schneider f3.5 Triotar three-element triplet of 75 mm focal length and viewing lens a Heidoscop-Anastigmat triplet. Both lenses as focused together by rack and pinion movement. The Compur central shutter has speeds from 1 to 1/500th sec.

The very first Rollei was a rollfilm stereo camera introduced in 1923.

Height 135 mm, width 100 mm, length 100 mm.
Inventory no.63,834.