4. Folding Box Camera, c. 1855

Signed on ivory plaque: 'J. Robinson, OPTICIAN, 65 Grafton St Dublin.'

Similar to the previous camera, but for plates 230 x 180 mm and with two dark slide positions. The vertical and horizontal movement of the lens panel is secured by a brass clamping screws. The f8 lens signed 'Robinson, Paris', is a Petzval-type doublet of 200 mm focal length. The entire lens system focuses on forward dark slide position, and the lens without its back element, on the rear position. There is a double book-form dark slide with glass pane between the two sides, and with hinged slides. The camera is supported on a tripod.

Lewis Carroll purchased a folding camera of this type in 1856, taking portraits 10 x 8 inches (250 x 200 mm), which he describes in his poem Hiawatha's Photographing, completed on 13 November 1857.

Length 340 mm, width 285 mm, height 235 mm.
Inventory no. 60,673.