32. Kodak No 2 Bullet '98 Model, 1898

Signed on inside of box: 'No 2 BULLET MODEL OF 1898 MANUFACTURED BY THE EASTMAN KODAK CO., ROCHESTER, N.Y., U.S.A.', etc.; serial number stamped on base: 21,688.

Improved model with rotary shutter, for 32 x 32 inches (89 x 89 mm) exposures on 101 rollfilm, hinged door at side for single plate holder, and f13 achromatic lens of 110 mm focal length. The lens, shutter mechanism, and film holder lift out as a single unit.

Kodak's early Tisdell shutter had a single button for setting time and instantaneous exposure, but this improved shutter has a separate pull-up control for time exposure. This version is very similar to the enormously popular Pocket Kodak. About 30,000 were made from 1895-1902 to rival the Boston Camera Company's Bull's Eye camera.

Length 161 mm, width 120 mm, height 121 mm.
Inventory no. 96, 643.