29. Kodak No. 2 'Bulls-Eye' Box Camera, 1896

Signed: 'No. 2 BULLS-EYE MODEL OF 1896 / MANUFACTURED BY THE / EASTMAN KODAK Co., / ROCHESTER N.Y., U.S.A. / SUCCESSOR TO BOSTON CAMERA MFG. Co.', with both the London and Paris addresses.

For film size 101 taking 18 exposures of 32 x 32 inches (89 x 89 mm). It has a f16 single achromatic lens of 115 mm focal length and a rotary shutter.

This camera was first manufactured by the Boston Camera Mfg. Co., in 1892, and the first to use S. N. Turner's invention of numbered paper-backed rollfilm. The company was bought by Eastman in August 1895, and a modified version of the original design appeared under the Kodak name from 1895 - 1913. A total of 257,000 were made.

Length 149 mm, width 115 mm, height 119 mm.
Inventory no. 58,040.