27. Newman & Guardia 'Special B' Box Camera with Changing Bag, c. 1905

Signed on metal plaque inside lid of magazine: 'NEWMAN & GUARDIA LTD 90 & 92 SHAFTESBURY AVENUE.LONDON.W.' and on front: 'N & G 33 x 2d SPECIAL B'. Also parts inscribed 'SB 1025'.

Box camera incorporates an improved detachable bag changer with automatic counter patented in 1892, a f12.5 asymmetric doublet lens of 183 mm focal length, between-lens iris diaphragm and rotary shutter with pneumatic speed control 2 to 1/150 sec., and rack and pinion focusing. Reflex viewfinders and ground glass focusing screen at back. A top of the range magazine camera with a high reputation at the turn of the century.

Length 190 mm, width 10 mm, height 115 mm.
Inventory no. 91,026.